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Health Benefits of Pilates

• Improved flexibility

• Increased muscle tone and

• Balanced muscular strength on
   both sides of your body

• Enhanced muscular control of
   your back and limbs

• Improved posture

• Rehabilitation or prevention of
   injuries related to muscle

• Improved physical coordination
   and balance

• Relaxation of your shoulders,
   neck and upper back

• Safe rehabilitation of joint and
   spinal injuries

• Prevention of musculoskeletal

• Increased lung capacity and
   circulation through deep

• Improved concentration

• Increased body awareness

• Stress management 




Pilates-based Physical/Occupational  Therapy at  Revive Rehab

Pilates has been shown to be a highly effective method for physical or occupational therapy.. Our physical/occupational therapists at Revive Rehab can incorporate Pilates into treatment for patients for issues such as chronic pain, sports injuries and musculoskeletal disorders.

By combining Pilates exercises with Myofascial Release and traditional physical/occupational therapy methods, we can treat the whole person rather than just an injury or symptom. Our highly trained therapists address the patients physical impairments and enhance their capabilities to improve their quality of life.

We also offer Pilates group and individual mat classes, as well as group and individual reformer classes to enable our clients to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Classes Offered

Individual Reformer and Cadillac Class 


• Duet Reformer Class

• Group or Individual Mat Class

Please call for rates and schedule.



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