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What should I expect from a treatment session?

On your first visit we will do a whole body evaluation consisting of range of motion and flexibility, posture, muscle strength, soft tissue restrictions, limitations in activities of daily living, and gait abnormalities as well as pertinent medical history. We will also do a neurological assessment or an orthopedic assessment based on your diagnosis. A before and after picture of your posture may be taken in order to see progress, based on your diagnosis. We will develop a plan of care and discuss your goals for the treatment sessions. After the general evaluation, the remaining time will be treatment including MFR techniques, NDT or any other form of treatment as indicated by your diagnosis. Expect the first session to take approximately 60-90 minutes.  


After the initial evaluation, remaining sessions will consist of a brief discussion of chief complaints followed by treatment. These sessions typically last for 60 minutes.



What should I bring?

You are required to bring the initial paperwork on your first visit (download the forms here) and we will review it together. 


It would be ideal if you could wear loose comfortable clothing to the therapy sessions. If you choose and prefer, women may  wear either loose shorts and a sports bra or a two piece bathing suit. 


Please do not use any lotions or oils on the day of your appointment. Your skin needs to be clean and dry for most of these techniques. 


Please bring in your physicians prescription order for either physical therapy, occupational therapy or a combination of these. 


Please bring in your insurance cards, Medicare cards, and driver's license. 



Do you treat children?

Yes, we offer both physical and occupational therapy for children.



Can you help me as an athelete, even it I'm not injured?

Yes, our services help prevent injury and faciliate range of motion.



Which services are covered by insurance?

Most therapuetic services (myofascial release, neuro-development technique, occupational therapy, physical therapy and pedatric rehabilitation) are covered by insurance according to individual plans.  Those services in our wellness clinic (MFR stretching, yoga, acupuncture, weight loss, wellness coach and massage) are generally not covered by insurance, but are offered at modest rates to make it as affordable as possible.



What insurances does Revive take?

We accept Medicare insurance, Tricare standard and Prime and most commercial insurances.  We also accept cash payment for private pay clients and wellness clinic visits.



How do I schedule an appointment?

Please call to schedule an appointment: 904-371-4649



Cancellation policy

Please give 24 hours notice for cancellations, which allows us to schedule waiting patients. Except in emergency, $35.00 will be charged for late cancellations.


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