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Pediatric Rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists use play therapy to improve independence with daily living skills such as dressing, grooming and feeding. They also facilitate developmental play skills, visual motor and visual perceptual skills including writing and coloring.


Our occupational therapists are trained in sensory integration techniques by Julia Harper, who is a leading expert in pediatric sensory integration and rehabilitation techniques.


Our occupational therapists are trained on "Handwriting Without Tears" and use this multisensory technique to improve handwriting skills in children. We also address orthopedic conditions requiring splinting to increase function. Additionally we utilize pediatric Myofascial Release techniques and cranio sacral techniques in our treatment regimes.



Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists help children with movement activities that allow them to be independent in the community.


Through the use of play, our therapists promote fine and gross motor movements to achieve developmental milestones such as rolling, crawling and walking, improve balance and coordination skills, improve strength and provide splinting to maximize muscle and joint function. We also have a trans-disciplinary approach to management and treatment of spasticity. Our physical therapists incorporate pediatric myofascial release techniques and cranio sacral techniques.



"Revive Rehab is the best OT/PT place I have ever been too. My kids greatly benefitted from their services.   Revive helped relieve the severity of headaches in my son through myofascial release and cranio sacral techniques and helped resolve some of his sensory integration issues.  


Revive also helped another one of my children, who is an athlete, recover from injury and learn what to do to prevent future injuries."  

Kathryn C.

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