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Pilates is a low-impact exercise that strengthens muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. It helps build a strong core and improve balance and coordination. Pilates also has proven health benefits for orthopedic, post-surgical, neurological and chronic pain conditions. 


Classes Offered

• Individual Reformer and Cadillac Class 


• Duet Reformer Class

• Group or Individual Mat Class

Please call for rates and schedule.




Health Benefits of Pilates

• Improved flexibility

• Increased muscle tone and

• Balanced muscular strength on
   both sides of your body

• Enhanced muscular control of
   your back and limbs

• Improved posture

• Rehabilitation or prevention of
   injuries related to muscle

• Improved physical coordination
   and balance

• Relaxation of your shoulders,
   neck and upper back

• Safe rehabilitation of joint and
   spinal injuries

• Prevention of musculoskeletal

• Increased lung capacity and
   circulation through deep

• Improved concentration

• Increased body awareness

• Stress management 



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