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Myofascial Stretching Classes

How to Join Us

Contact Christina at




Class size: 5 - 8 students 


Courses: Each 6-week course has three meetings a week.  Two are stretching classes and one is a wellness class (for a total of 12 stretching classes).


When:  Courses begin every 6 weeks. Call to find out when the next one starts.


What to Bring: Bring your own yoga mat, strap, long bath towel and hand towel.


Payment: The cost of an individual class is $15.00 or $150 for the entire course (12 classes total). Full payment is due one week before the course starts and is not refundable. Space permitting, you can make up any missed class.




  • Do you live with aches and pain?

  • Are you tired of being stiff and rigid?

  • Do you have back pain?

  • Do you have core weakness?

  • Do you lack good posture ?


If you answered yes to any of these join us for these highly beneficial WELLNESS COURSES that will change your life.


Revive Rehab is a rehabilitation facility that specializes in pain management and we are currently offering two 6-week courses that will enable everyone participating to prevent or manage their pain levels and be more flexible. All of these courses are taught by our therapists who are specifically trained in the area of pain relief.


COURSE 1: “The Myofascial Stretching"

This course includes two progressive myofascial stretch classes for 6 weeks (12 classes) and 4 total body wellness classes. The class meets three times a week, twice for the stretch class and once for the wellness class.

Course Cost: $150


Instructor:  Anousone Inthirath, COTA, LMT


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