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Wellness Coach

What is wellness coaching?

  • Accepting and meeting where you are today

  • Asking you to take charge of your goals

  • Guiding you in mindful thinking

  • Helping you build confidence

  • Helping you define your higher purpose for wellness

  • Setting realistic goals and achievable milestones

  • Recognizing obstacles as learning opportunities

  • Inspiring you to go beyond what you can do alone​


Our services?

Claudia offers one-on-one guidance in defining and reaching ones vision for better health, weight control, exercise, nutrition, stress reduction and life satisfaction. We offer face to face or over the phone sessions where we help you draw a personal wellness blueprint, connect you with your motivators and inner strength, and together overcome potential obstacles.  With our help, you will find the determination, motivation and discipline to reach your individual wellness goals.

"Claudia has been a real boost to my efforts to get on the road to leading a healthier life. When you get off track, she can lead you back with encouragement, brainstorming solutions and reminders. She offers wonderful support, guidance and is a great resource. I highly recommend her as a wellness coach."

AT, Artist

Claudia Wallace coaches individuals to lead healthier, happier lives through weight control, and the prevention and management of chronic diseases, such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes.


She helps her clients meet their personal wellness goals by facilitating behavioral changes in a structured and supportive partnership. 


Claudia grew up in Germany and moved to the United States after meeting the love of her life, and now husband, while traveling in California. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Massachusetts, and while completing her studies, worked part-time as a senior medical assistant at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates. Claudia has found a balance in honoring the phases of her life by continually assessing, reassessing and modifying her priorities of  career, volunteering, health and fitness, maintaining a peaceful mind, raising three boys, and continually investing in a healthy marriage with her husband. 



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